Don't let your memories fade. Make them art.

I love playing games like Telestrations with my boys (check it out, it's the best!), reading stories to any of them who will still listen, finding new restaurants with my hubby, and warm weather. I’m a big fan of Max from Where the Wild Things Are, all Shel Silverstein poems, and the idea of buying little girl’s clothes. Perhaps all of those reasons combined is why I have the family of boys that I do!

My love of photography began in the darkroom. There was nothing more nervewracking than hoping I was correctly exposing my film (can you imagine having to WAIT to see your pictures?!?!), nor more magical than watching an image slowly appear on a piece of paper. I was hooked. After a couple of summer classes, I went to BYU where I would graduate with a BFA in photography. I married an incredible man, who supported my love of art then, just as much as he does today. I am forever grateful for that. I am also the proud mama to four growing-way-too-fast boys. I feel like it’s a matter of minutes before they will all be taller than me (one down, three to go), and it tugs at my heart strings just to think of it.

What’s your story? My dream as a newborn and children’s photographer is to capture this fleeting time, and to help you remember, when they are all grown up, what this moment was really like. What it was like to watch them play in the late afternoon sun, cling to their favorite toys, or to chase their wildest dreams.

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